Tablet Manufacturer

Our wide variety of machine tooling and coating materials means that we can produce tablets that meet your size, hardness, disintegration and color specifications. Tablets can be made to disintegrate immediately in the mouth, quickly in stomach acid, or delayed to bypass the stomach for absorption in the small intestine. Tablets are manufactured to remain intact during packaging and handling and still disintegrate as scheduled when ingested.

Manufacturing High Quality Tablets

There are several quality assurance and control measures in place to ensure a consistently shaped and pure tablet. When formulating a tablet our development team takes care to select the right excipients and lubricants in the right amount.

A proper formulation and understanding of the tableting process avoids common issues of tablets sticking to machines, chipping or not staying together. Our extensively trained production staff monitors the automatic manufacturing process and inspects for imperfect products.

Tablet Coating

NewPharma Lab has the technology and equipment to spray both clear and color film coatings on your tablets. These coatings can help your customers quickly and safely distinguish among different tablets and enhance dosage control. NewPharma Lab production lines are capable of coating over one million tablets per day. NewPharma Lab can also add enteric coating to your tablets which ensures that tablet will break down in the small intestine rather than the stomach. This application is used to prevent active ingredients from irritating the stomach lining, improve digestion and can prevent unpleasant aftertastes.

Advantages of Tablet Form Supplements

Many brands choose to deliver their supplements as a tablet because:

  • Tablets enable accurate dosage
  • Scoring tablets allows for accurate splitting of dosages
  • Varying size, shape and color options allow for easily identification from other tablets
  • Tablets can be coated to delay absorption until an optimal time
  • Tablets are a cost-effective supplement option

Tablets Available

  • Custom sizes and shapes
  • Caplets
  • Chewable
  • Slow release
  • Quick or orally dissolving
  • Sublingual