Fabricante de tabletas

Our state-of-the-art machinery can produce tablets that meet your size and hardness requirements. Our industry-leading coating materials will give you the disintegration levels and color specifications you need.
as tabletas se pueden fabricar para que se desintegren inmediatamente en la boca, rápidamente en ácido estomaca, o retardadas para que pasen a través del estómago y sean absorbidas por el intestino delgado. Our tablets are manufactured to remain intact during packaging and handling, and then disintegrate as scheduled when ingested.

Fabricación de tabletas de alta calidad

There are several quality assurance and control measures in place that will ensure each tablet is consistently shaped and pure in formulation. When systematically developing a tablet, our team takes great care in selecting the correct excipients to properly bind the contents, and the right measure of lubricants to make swallowing easier.

A proper formulation and understanding of the tableting process avoids common issues such as tablets sticking to machines, chipping or breaking apart entirely. Our extensively trained production staff constantly monitors the automatic manufacturing process and continually inspects for imperfect products.

Recubrimiento de tabletas

NewPharma GNTIK Laboratory Inc. retains the technology and equipment to spray both clear and color film coatings on your tablets. These coatings can help your customers quickly and safely distinguish among different tablets, thereby enhancing dosage control and ease of use. Our production lines are capable of coating over one million tablets per day. We can also add enteric coating to your tablets, which ensures that each tablet will break down in the small intestine rather than in the stomach. Esta aplicación es utilizada para prevenir que los componentes irriten el recubrimiento del estómago, to improve digestion and to prevent unpleasant aftertastes.

Ventajas de los suplementos en forma de tabletas

Many of our clients choose to deliver their supplements as a tablet because:

  • Tablets provide for a more accurate dosage
  • El marcado de tabletas permite dividir con precisión las dosis
  • Diferentes opciones de tamaños, shape and color options easily identify your tablets from others
  • Las tabletas pueden ser recubiertas para retrasar la absorción hasta un momento óptimo
  • Las tabletas son una opción de suplemento económicas

Tabletas disponibles

  • amaños y formas personalizados
  • Comprimidos
  • Masticables
  • De liberación lenta
  • De disolución rápida u oral
  • Sublingual